Welcome to A L L L O V E

Home of Intentional Apparel! Founded on the beautiful island of Kauai Hawaii. Inspired by Professor Emoto + his water studies, where he proved the power of intention, energy + vibration on water. 

He taped the word LOVE on a jar, then he taped the word HATE on another. He then froze the jars + observed the crystalline formations under a microscope. What he found was beyond amazing.

The jar with the word LOVE was completely symmetrical, pretty much sacred geometry. While the jar with the word HATE was chaotic, with very little symmetry.

This was the “aha moment” + intentional apparel was born. If our bodies are made up of over 85% water, why not put intentional, healing + affirming words on our containers of water. 

(Our shirts are the stickers on your jars of water ;)